My Angle - Ellie Arciaga: Photographer + Raw Chocolate Creator

Seattle is home to many creatives who, by nature, seem to always have their hands in a variety of projects. This week we introduce you to Ellie Arciaga. Her stellar photography led her to recently join Pickwick on tour, and her love for a friend diagnosed with cancer inspired her to create Badminton Chocolate Company.


What do you do?

I am currently the photographer and owner of A Darling Felicity Photography, the founder of Badminton Chocolate Co, and provide creative consulting for independent businesses.

What are your favorite things about where you live?

Seattle is such a creative city. I’ve been able to meet so many people doing interesting things. It’s been great to experience a network of people like designers, photographers, artists, and musicians that all mutually support each other.

photo: Charity Lynne Photography

Why did you decide to start Badminton Chocolate Co.?

One of my best friends was recently diagnosed with two aggressive forms of cancer. Rather than have all of her friends shave their heads in solidarity, she asked us to join her in a vegan, macrobiotic, raw diet while she was battling cancer and going through chemotherapy. It can be hard to find really good treats and candy when you’re on a restrictive diet like that. My friend mentioned that there were some decent recipes for raw candy online that I should take a look at. I started experimenting with raw candy recipes to make the diet a little more enjoyable. It’s surprising what you can do with sunflower seed butter, raw almond butter, and peanut butter. Some friends tried my chocolates and told me I should start selling them. I’d never thought of turning it into a business before that!

What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?

When I work with any client, I get to know them on a really personal level so that I can tell the best story about them with the portraits I take. I love that.

What’s your favorite photograph that you’ve taken?

Throughout March and April 2013, I went on tour as one of the photographers of Letterbox with the band Pickwick. We chronicled the band’s tour with digital and analog photography. The experience was so grueling and difficult, but I was able to get into the nitty-gritty of a band tour and document the band’s experience. At each part of the tour, I had to find a new way and angle to tell the band’s story. It really created some of my favorite photographs.


What are your favorite features of WideAngle?  

I really like Instagram and have multiple accounts for my different projects and businesses. With WideAngle, I can keep track of all of my accounts in one place. It really simplifies things!


Check out more of Ellie’s photography on Instagram: @elliemae85 or @badmintonchocolateco

WideAngle for TV

Today TechRadar highlighted the top six smart TVs that will change the way you feel television. With a rich suite of apps both well known and innovative, each offers the user an engaging experience and some even offer a gesture-based interface similar to the Kinect.

WideAngle is excited to share a concept of our universal iOS app as a gesture-based interface. We can’t wait to deliver all the photos that matter most to you, from you and your friends, on Facebook, Instagram and Photo Stream, to your Smart TV or Kinect.

With gesture-based interface, WideAngle will give you the power to gather, stretch, flip, save and send flying all your favorite pics with friends :)

My Angle: Photographing Tokyo with Ben Torode

Our WideAngle + reddit photography competition drew entries from all over the world, and after 25,000 votes, two photographers came out as the winners of an iPad mini from WideAngle. We featured one of the winners last week, whose street photography in Dusseldorf caught the eye of thousands of redditors. Ben Torode’s portrait of a Japanese Macaque bathing in a hot spring quickly landed him a spot at the top of the competition too! 

Ben gave us a glimpse into his life in Tokyo and shared some more of his breathtaking photos. Ben has a knack for snapping some of the greatest photos of animals, people, and cityscapes that we’ve seen! Be sure to take a look at some of the brilliant moments he’s captured!

What do you do?

I am a Tokyo-based Japanese-English translator and amateur photographer.

So, what’s your favorite thing about Tokyo?

Always-open, always-connected. I’m from Australia, where it was a 30-minute walk to reach “the shops,” many places closed in the early evening, and I had to pay for my internet by volume or time spent on a modem. Here in Tokyo there’s a 24-hour convenience store within 30 seconds’ walk and I have unlimited plans on my home and mobile internet for peanuts. I can even order from Amazon in the morning and receive a package the same night. It’s great living in a city that runs faster than you can shop :) 

What are your favorite features of WideAngle? 

I like snappy apps and WideAngle certainly is that. It imported all my iPhone photos in a flash. But most of all it’s great to have something that goes beyond the boundaries of individual photo services and organizes shots in terms of real-life experience and real-life connections with people.

What’s one of your favorite photos?

I’d just gotten my camera back from repairs, stepped out into the middle of Shinjuku, Tokyo and it started snowing in nice big chunks. This rarely happens in the capital. I snapped this with my newly-repaired camera and it combines three of my favorite elements - bokeh, reflections and particles.

Give us the scoop on another of your favorite apps? 

RunKeeper - tracks your runs with GPS. One of the first and still the best in my mind.

All photos Ben Torode. All rights reserved.

My Angle: Marius Vieth’s Street Photography in Düsseldorf

WideAngle partnered with reddit recently for a photo competition. Photographers from all over the world submitted stunning photos. After about 25,000 votes from other reddit users, two amazing photos stood out as the winners. WideAngle had the chance to chat with Marius Vieth, one of the winners and a street photographer in Düsseldorf. Here’s our interview with Marius as well as a few of his favorite photos. Check out his flickr account to see more of his amazing street photography!

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WideAngle Gains 100,000 Users in Its First 15 Weeks!


WideAngle is excited to announce we have passed 100,000 users! Since our launch 15 weeks ago, people in 150 countries have viewed more than 45 million Facebook and Instagram photos on WideAngle. We wanted to pause for a moment to offer a very appreciative ‘Thank You,’ to you - our earliest fans who have made this milestone possible.

But, we’re not done yet! Today we are excited to announce that we are hard at work on an exciting new feature: Trending Hashtags. Imagine using WideAngle to instantly discover, follow and save photos by hashtag, from both Facebook and Instagram! 

We are excited to begin the next chapter of WideAngle with you. And we are eager to hear YOUR suggestions and feedback! Share your ideas on ways that we can make WideAngle an even better place to connect to your friends and photos, by selecting ‘Submit Feedback’ in the WideAngle app, or by sending an email to

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WideAngle and Reddit recently partnered up for a photography competition. Incredibly talented photographers from all over the world submitted photos beyond anything we expected! Reddit users cast more than 25,000 upvotes for their favorite photos throughout the competition. We will be releasing the winning photos soon! The winning photographers each received a 32 gig iPad mini! Here are the photos from the runners up. As you can see, each photo could easily have won this competition. Which photos are your favorites?

WideAngle: Grimes at the Paramount

Seattlelites love a secret concert, especially when it involves collaboration between artists like Grimes and Bert Rodriguez with drinks poured by one of Seattle’s favorite mixologists, Keith Walbauer. It was no wonder that people were lined up for blocks around Seattle’s Paramount Theater last night hours before the urban masquerade began! WideAngle was lucky enough to join in the festivities last night. We were stunned not only by the stylish turnout of masked guests and the music but also by the great photos from the event!

photo: Marcus Roman

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WideAngle in the Press: AppAdvice

“I’m enjoying the app so far, as it’s a great way to get all of your photo-heavy networks into one place,” wrote Christine in here review of WideAngle. “It’s also a much more efficient way to browse through Facebook and Instagram if you are just in the mood for photos, and not a bunch of silly updates and game requests and whatnot.”

Thanks Christine & Aldrin for your review!

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WideAngle in the Press: Business Insider

"WideAngle is a great addition to your app collection because there are a ton of photos that slip through the cracks and are easily forgotten, especially when you share them on a variety of different networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram."

Thanks Kevin for your review!

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WideAngle for iPhone is Here!

We’re so excited to announce our new iPhone app, in the App Store now!

In just 6 weeks since we launched to iPad, users from 125 countries have viewed 14 million Facebook + Instagram photos with WideAngle.


Now you can gather, remix and discover yours and friends’ photos on the go with your iPhone.

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